FAQ’s Rapid Prototyping

At ProtoEdge, we understand delivery speed, precision, repeatability requirements, and customer support is a benefit to increase operational time being as nimble and adaptable in product development program.

We do not have any 3-D models or 2-D drawings. Can you create these for us?
If you do not possess any CAD drawings or 3-D models, we will be glad to create them for you. We would also be glad to digitally convert old drawings into CAD formats. Protoedge does offer this service.

Does your company sign confidentiality agreement or NDA?

Where should I send my inquiry or order?
Send your inquiries, orders, and all other correspondence to us by email at: info@protoedge.com Attachments of up to 100 MB are possible in a zipped folder.

When can I count on receiving a quote from you?
First we need to review your inquiry for completeness (2-D drawings and or 3-D CAD data, required information). You will usually receive our quote for rapid prototypes in a few hours – 24 hours, metal or plastic within 2-3 days depending on complexity.

What is the minimum number of parts I must except for production?
That depends on the manufacturing process, the materials, the part, and the amount of finishing work.

Do you also manufacture individual parts and small quantities?
Yes we do offer very small quantities or low-volume parts run. At present, we offer this service in CNC machining- wire (EDM), cast metal, selective laser sintering (SLS), stereolithography (SLA), fused deposition modeling (FDM).

How long is your quote valid for?
Our quote is binding for 30 days or 10-15 days for cast metal prototypes due to raw materials fluidness. If the situation regarding raw materials is problematic, we retain the right to adjust prices at short notice.

How much time should I plan for orders to be shipped?
Lead-time delivery is provided on quotations for all technologies and shipping is stated from receipt of order.

How do you handle quality specifications?
We partner with ISO accreditation sources that follow ISO standards and best practices to ensure that our customer's quality needs are met.

What are the payment terms for dies, molds and metal or plastic cast/molded parts?
Our payment terms are as follows: 50% deposit for dies and molds due when order is placed, and balance due net-30 days upon the delivery of parts. Rapid prototyping is credit card or 50% deposit for new customers with P.O.

Does your company excepts credit cards?
Yes, American Express, Discover, Master Card, and Visa.

What file formats does ProtoEdge accept?
We work with formats in this order, STEP, IGES or STL files. Also 2-D prints.

What file formats does ProtoEdge accept for dies?
We work with formats in this order, STEP, IGES or STL files. Also 2-D prints.

What is the standard tolerance for parts?
We offer standard industry parts built accuracy from all technologies we offer. All secondary operations such as etching, machining, plating, polishing, printing, and testing unless expressly stated on quote and purchase order will be confirmed at time of order.

Do you ship internationally?
Yes, we have customers all over.

Is there a Guarantee on the parts you build?
Parts are warranted against technology defects from the original shipment date and are notify immediately by customer. Warranty is limited to replacement of parts. There are no other warranties, express or implied.



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