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Additive manufacturing is a 3D-printing process that is used in the manufacturing industry. And fused deposition modeling (FDM), is part of this 3D-printing technology. Although several companies have been using this process to some extent for decades, using these prototyping techniques to replicate part is in heavy demand today.

Fused deposition modeling (FDM), is an additive manufacturing technology that uses abs filament or other materials, that is wrapped into spools and fed into a FDM based 3D printer to build parts. The ABS filament is then melted, and used as a general printing material.

ProtoEdge provides a full-scale prototyping development service to help engineers evaluate 3D physical objects. Parts are accurate and great for quick modeling and prototype applications. It can even be used to create some production like models. Rapid prototyping, using this process can help with the following innovation development.

  • Concept Models to Check Form and Fit components
  • Marketing Product Design Intent
  • Revealing mechanical design flaws
  • End use-components to Bridge Tooling
  • Prototyping Models

In additive manufacturing, the technology is a means to reduce design cycle time and acquire design validation before companies begin tooling tweaking additive parts. So it is predominantly used to check form, fit and functional validation. Internal geometry of a part might be too complex in other traditional processes and the part might need other features to allow for pull away for example. If a complex geometry cannot be compromised, often times using this rapid prototyping process add value for weight or improved performance that a traditional process component could not do because of intricate features. The flexibility give you options by having no worries about the manufacturability.

Using the additive process, matching specific material properties for functional prototypes has challenges. And each additive manufacturing method has its own individual advantages and limitations, so there's always a need to have multiple processes as well as materials.

As researchers continue developing new technology in additive manufacturing, fabricating structural electronics, cosmetics, personal care products, packaging concept and R&D manufacturing, the technology has hit the mainstream. Providing an appealing alternative, that complements for components placement in many products that need characteristics such as reliability, surface finish, color, or texture.

In order to compare and contrast the differences in additive manufacturing, you need the right manufacturing sources to fully automate your supply chain when manufacturing with this technology for printing multifunctional prototypes and can dramatically reduce the total time of the design cycle for any durable goods product.

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