Tool & Die Design for Prototyping

Precision tool and die design employ many types of momentum for product design and development assistance. ProtoEdge can help you explore the most difficult, close tolerance design in industry. Our assistance and full line of engineering services combines metalworking that includes precision design, die making, repair and maintenance. Custom tooling and assemblies is what we specializes in for required metal work requirements for compound dies, blanking, development tooling, forming, progressive dies, tool try-out and beyond.

Primary Capabilities:

  • Compound, Blanking, and Progressive Dies
  • Automation Equipment development
  • Fixtures and Assembly
  • Maintenance and Repair
  • Materials, Aluminum, Brass, Stainless Steel
  • Reverse Engineering and Prototyping
  • Calibrated and Gage Programs

From your specifications precision dies are produce through CAD design models to the delivery of a critical feature requirement, we are ready to provide complete tooling service. Rapid, high-accuracy measurement is a key component of this manufacturing process. We are commitment to exceptional customer service quality control that enables us to inspect all aspects of the operations and to verify that complex parts are geometrically precise and within specification. 

Repair, revision and maintenance for metal stamping systems, we can repair as needed - preventing lost-part production, non-value-added secondary operations and late-parts delivery.

For more information about custom metal components or any of our other capabilities please call us at (612) 432-4303. Let us quote your next pending project.



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