Selective Laser Sintering (SLS)

Selective Laser Sintering – SLS, similar to SLA. SLS is another form of additive manufacturing or 3D-printing technology, it works by fusing or sintering a powdered material together by a highly accurate computer controlled laser and mirror system. A SLS machine takes the 3D data of parts, slices them into layers and the laser sinters or melts the powder, layer by layer. Once one layer is completed, new powder is deposited on top of the solid layer and sintered into another layer.

SLS weight reduction has exceptional attributes for lots of applications, in the aerospace and automotive industries. SLS parts can yield multiple pieces if designed as integrated structure and leverage all the benefits this process has to offer by combining many components into a single unitized assembly.

SLS is an accurate technology producing durable goods parts quick for market testing. The parts sometime needs post process finishing based on if the surface face that is the most critical needs to be the smoothest and show no layer line if the desired requirements is noted.

Rapid prototyping SLS laser sintering makes three-dimensional prototype components from computer aided models (CAD). Building rapid prototype parts in this manner allows the CAD model piece to be made patternless without molding or tooling. 3D-printing plastic makes it easier to Validate the Design First with Rapid Prototyping and detect flaws or errors without the expensive process of producing new molds, development time is significantly reduced with rapid prototyping because of the shorter time frame in producing prototypes.

SLS Primary Capabilities:

  • ECS ducting
  • Ideal for many additive manufacturing applications
  • Light duty functional prototypes
  • Living hinges and flex fold and snaps
  • Low-volume parts without tooling
  • Standard delivery of most parts in 3-5 days
  • Variety of industry sectors including aerospace, automotive, architecture, and consumer products

For prototypes requiring durability and good structural properties for functionality testing and assembly trials, then SLS is the recommended process. SLS gives you many options to transform CAD designs into rapid prototype parts with full geometry used by sophisticated advance manufacturing technologies. SLS parts size can range in scale from 32" x 33" x 20". We assure consistency in our material handling and build quality. The SLS method is used in direct digital manufacturing- DDM for additive manufacturing of functional model parts when success matters for design mock-ups.

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