Prototyping, Metal, Plastic or Rubber Parts to Production

design through rapid prototyping to meet industrial, commercial, domestic appliances, and equipment

Prototyping metal or plastic components using additive or subtractive advanced machine manufacturing and material technologies are the key ingredients for product design development decisions. ProtoEdge transforms engineering CAD design models into 3D physical objects using machine tools and additive manufacturing equipment by using prototyping techniques to revolutionize the way products are designed and built for end use parts. We work to your advantage manufacturing parts needed for businesses in industries ranging from aerospace, automotive, biomedical, consumer, industrial products, medical, electronics industry, and others, delivering solutions that help you save time.

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We specialize in finding ways to streamline metal, plastic or rubber prototyping solutions for businesses without sacrificing customer service. As a full-service operation, in-house fabricating machine tools components along with our conglomerate of industry alliances, we are committed to providing with pride, service, quality and ingenuity into every part for manufacturing supply chain and other mainstream manufacturing processes that includes, cast urethane parts, injection molding parts, and product prototyping in research and development projects focused on advanced production-ready for metal, plastic or rubber of final pieces.

Prototyping metal or plastic low-volume quantities to exact specifications are our mission. Prototypes are a great process for demonstrating marketing models, master patterns, and for tradeshow displays. The additive manufacturing – 3D-printing systematic procedures can make prototypes form production plastic engineered materials.

Similar to the additive process is subtractive plastic and metal parts prototyping methods, where material is removed from a solid block. This hog-out fabrication prototyping is dynamic and great for prototypes, low volume quantities or low-volume production and mass production plus other end-use special automation engineering applications that require replication testing. Production runs in either method gives you unlimited options for real material like stainless, aluminum, brass, polycarbonate, and ultem. Parts can also have various surface finishes and coating when low volume or production parts specifications for these services are noted. Through these technologies we are able to make low volume models, which are then used to give you an early indication of how the actual model will function when fitted and tested in a particular application.



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